For already 6 years, not only have we been working on lingerie orders, but also created nightwear, underwear and accessories for the brides. Thus we had an opportunity to put a good deed in one of your most important life events. Some of our created goods also travel with the brides to the farthest corners of the world to spend the honeymoon. We believe that each change has its own cause and comes at a certain time. Desire to sew more than just lingerie has sparkled in our minds for a long time, but we lacked courage to take a further step.

The idea to create unique dresses came from a desire to express our creativity outside the bedroom and realize ourselves in a new realm. And that feeling was stronger than fear to get started. We believe that egzotique has a vivid character, vision and feeling. We have a lot of ideas that we look forward to live up together with you.

P.S. Special thanks to all of our clients, friends and relatives for the encouragement. We feel that the coming season will be exciting and we would like to thank all the first brides of 2020 with whom the first dresses are being created! ♡

2019.08.08 our first bridal dress. Karina’s weddings.

Photo : Monika Rukaite monikarukaite


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