egzotique handmade lingerie

Our bridal category made its way into our range through naturally high demand. Not long after starting Egzotique in 2014, requests for personalized items began flowing in, with every unique request being discussed to the finest detail. Every perfected product, from robes, pyjamas, to bodysuits, underwear and bridal garters, would feature in photoshoots, travel to honeymoons and many corners of the world.

The process:
All orders are processed in 10 working days. This may vary on busy/quiet periods. At egzotique we understand the stress of the big day, so under special request we may be able to fulfill some orders in as little as 24 hours.
We invite you to come in for a consultation at our workshop in Vilnius. Along with taking measurements, we will assist in finding the right design, style and fabric. This usually takes up to one hour.
We make sure to leave enough time for the final fitting and any possible adjustments, so you are excited and drama-free for your special day.


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egzotique handmade lingerie


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